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Reservation Process

After an introductory discussion of your case, we will suggest the most relevant testing procedures applicable to your situation. You can arrange the time, date and location most convenient for you by checking our live reservation system.

Experienced Examiners

One of our experienced examination professionals will analyze the details of your case and help formulate appropriate questions to achieve an accurate assessment.


Fully Verified Reports

After the completion of the Lie Detector Test, you will be issued a fully verifiable report, including all analysis, transcripts and charts so the case can be sustained. Reports are provided free of charge.

High Accuracy

Through the integration of high-tech equipment and association with an accredited framework, we deliver a high level of accuracy for our services.

Lie Detector Test

Settling a variety of personal and professional issues, including infidelity, theft and domestic disputes, along with employee screenings and cases of business fraud.

Welcome to  — a discreet, professional and ethical lie detector test (polygraph) provider assisting clients throughout the United States.

We conduct business according to a strict operating framework and ethical code that is based on the guidelines of global leaders such as the American Polygraph Association. We administer professional tests for private, personal matters, including domestic disagreements and infidelity. We also administer tests for business and legal matters, including theft or fraud.
The members of our client support teams are highly trained, and our examiners are accredited and experienced. Together, this allows us to offer comprehensive and accurate services.

Because we are a lie detection service provider that is client-focused, we treat each unique case with the care, empathy and professional demeanor that is both required and deserved. We operate discreetly, maintaining confidentiality, without passing judgement on anyone. Truly, we are here to help.

Lie Detector Tests Administered by Accredited Examiners

With client-focused methods, we deliver Lie Detector Tests throughout the United States. Grounded by a regulated operating framework and adherence to a strict ethical code, our unique approach combines rich experience, knowledge, expertise and a high level of execution.

We use top of the line polygraph equipment, upgrading our technology regularly, to ensure that we can provide you with the most accurate assessments. Combined, our team has over 40 years of experience in the Polygraph Industry.

All of our examiners are highly qualified and accomplished professionals accredited by the APA (American Polygraph Association), the global leading body in lie detector testing.

Industry Leading Panel of Examiners

All of our test examiners are highly experienced with many years of service and have encountered a wide variety of cases. With a goal of achieving absolute excellence, we thrive on exercising on-going evaluations to help refine and improve our procedures.

Excellence in Lie Detection Services

With training completed in association with the American Polygraph Association, our examiners are capable of focused observation that withstands attempts to trick or cheat the test. You can rest assured that when partnering with Lie Detector Test USA, your test will be conducted professionally, in accordance with all APA guidelines.

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The Private Lie Detector Test

Infidelity Lie Detector Test.
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This specialized, private infidelity test is designed to find the facts concerning relationships. This option is appropriate if there are lingering questions surrounding a specific event or incident that may have occurred. After trust has possibly been broken, this test can help either or both parties find closure through a resolution of the situation. This service is provided privately to clients quite regularly. Having the truth confirmed allows the client to make appropriate, informed decisions based on the results provided in the fully verified report.

Reservation Process

The private infidelity test requires approximately 5 hours of active work. First, our client support team will craft a broad outline based on your explanation of the case and inform you whether the circumstances of the case are suitable to proceed. Then, we will arrange the locale of the test, including the date, time and location, based on mutual convenience. We will also send you the pre-examination assessment, which must be completed by the client (individual requesting a reservation) or on behalf of the person(s) being evaluated. At this point, you will be required to pay the non-refundable reservation fee of $[XXX], after which you will receive a text message confirmation of the details.

What kind of questions can be asked?

Generally speaking, questions cannot concern beliefs or opinions. Normally, questions assume the format of confirming contact, degree of contact, and if possible, the additional nature of contact, such as the specific naming of any third party individual from where the suspicion has generated. Historical issues, such as the duration of time, number of years or details revolving around events that occurred at the start of a relationship can also be proposed. Questions must be close-ended. The duration of the interview varies, and it can last up to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the content and the examinee being questioned. Individuals are asked up to 8 questions, with 1-3 of the questions specifically concerning the event, time period, or incident under investigation. The other questions are procedural and are included to help evaluate the metrics and behaviors of the respondent to allow for accurate assessment.

Pre-Test Interview

The total time required to complete all portions of the test can reach up to 2 hours on the day of the test. First, you will have a meeting with our accredited examiner, in which both parties can be present. An in-depth, pre-test interview will be conducted to explore the details concerning the relationship issue being investigated. Any questions the client has specified during the reservation process will be covered once again. The examiner will carefully rewrite these questions with the appropriate wording and context to make them suitable for the lie detection test. Revising the questions involves providing correct structure in a close-ended question format with sufficient details and support to provide the opportunity for accurate testing and subsequent resolution to suspicions of infidelity.

Evaluation Results and Reports

After the test has been completed successfully and the examiner deems that the results are complete and conclusive, we are obligated in all cases to release the results to the client who initially requested the evaluation. If the client requests, we are also able to share the evaluation with both individuals involved. All results are provided in a timely manner, shortly after the successful completion of the test, which involves critical and detailed analysis of transcripts, charts and video recordings of the case. This ensures that absolute accuracy is reflected in the test results. All reports undergo a peer review process in which evaluations are verified by a second examiner. You will also receive a fully verified report by email, following the closure of the case. Reports may also be sent via post upon request.

Convenient and accessible. Our Lie Detection Services are available as needed.

We are proud to help clients throughout the United States find resolution and closure on an everyday basis

Quick and easy reservations can be made online for discreet, timely and professional lie detection services.

Arrange a provisional testing date via the secure online reservation system by requesting a date, time and location that is convenient for you. Our reservations coordinator will contact you to either confirm your request or arrange a secondary date and time, based on availability.

After the $300 non-refundable reservation fee is processed, you will receive a pre-examination assessment by email, which must be returned electronically. You will also receive a confirmation of your booking via text message.

To request assistance with your online reservation or to find out additional information, please contact our support team at [000-000-0000]. Thank you!

Accredited by the Global Leading Body in Lie Detection Services

The rigorous training we have undergone has prepared us to be alert and observant. We are passionate about delivering accurate results in every situation. Devoted to uncovering the truth, we adhere to a strict code of ethics.

All our examiners have graduated from courses approved by the American Polygraph Association – the leading professional polygraph organisation in the world. We carry out annual internal checks of their education progress and professional development. 

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Our core ideology is based on the dedication to understand each case on a client-by-client basis. As every client is unique, every case is unique. Despite our many years of experience, we avoid making assumptions and approach each case with the same fair process and respect as the cases before it.

Empathetic, Professional and Dedicated to Discovering the Truth

Our helpline is open 8am to 8pm, and we are equipped to conduct lie detector tests at a relatively short notice, if necessary. We provide services that are reliable, flexible and discreet. All inquiries are handled with utmost confidentiality. To ensure absolute privacy, no walk-in appointments are allowed. Reliable. Flexible. Discreet. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation concerning our lie detection services.

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After hearing about rumors spreading amongst family and friends that his partner had been having an affair, Client X contacted us for help. Because his partner was nervous and reluctant to take the lie detector test, our client assumed this was an admission of guilt. We guided him through the process and carefully prepared a case for the polygraph examination.

1. Pre-examination Assessment

After our client completed an individualized assessment, we explained the process with his partner to reassure her that the test would be conducted fairly, using a proven, fact-based method.

2. Case Preparation

The questions specified by Client X included beliefs or opinions that our experts deemed unsuitable for the lie detector test. Instead, we worked closely with him to formulate specific questions based on his objectives that were appropriate for testing procedures.

3. Lie Detector Test

As expected, the client’s partner was nervous. Over the duration of 2 hours, she was asked 15 questions, 3 of which targeted questions of infidelity, based on the admission of whether particular events had occurred or not.

4. Conclusion and Reporting

On completion of the test, we informed Client X that, based on the assessment, his partner was indeed telling the truth. Both individuals were provided a fully verified report which they were able to share with family and friends so as to clear her name, allowing them closure and the ability to move on.

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