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Book review: Fundamentals of Polygraph Practice

It has been said that when reviewers praise poor work, the mistake will eventually surface but when reviewers pan good work, the error may never be discovered. This assumes that reviewers have a significant influence over what is read, an unlikely assumption when it comes to technical writings. Fundamentals of Polygraph Practice, unequivocally, is a work all examiners can read with the expectation of learning something new. It is also a handy reference for numerous, basic polygraph issues.

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The Role of an Interpreter in Polygraph Checking

As we know the implementation of translation is a psychologically complex activity, characterizes the work of an interpreter as a complex process of thinking and realizing a thought in two languages, which occurs when he performs his duties. The translation should be seen as a means of ensuring communication between people in cases where they do not speak the same language and are equally accessible to them. This security is the main goal and task, facing the translation and activities of the persons who imple-ment it.

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